The dedicated professionals of Peoples Gas have provided safe, reliable natural gas service to residents and businesses in Chicago for more than 165 years. This commitment to safety and reliability is ongoing, and our System Modernization Program is bringing valuable improvements to your natural gas service.

Please watch the following videos to learn about the program and the various stages of construction:

Program Overview
Phase 1 - Preparation
Phase 2 - Installation
Phase 3 - Restoration

Why we are upgrading the system

Just as you have to replace the roof on your house or the tires on your car over time, Peoples Gas is upgrading its natural gas delivery system to ensure long-term safety and reliability. Since 2011, Peoples Gas has installed nearly 1,036 miles of distribution pipe. We have also installed 21 miles of high-pressure transmission pipeline. In total, our crews will replace more than 2,000 miles of natural gas pipes.

Our crews will be working in neighborhoods from the North side to the South side and areas in between as we proudly bring a new era of natural gas service to the communities we serve.


Peoples Gas has an excellent record of safety, and this program offers assurance that we'll maintain that record. With a more modern delivery system, there will be fewer interruptions in gas service and fewer repairs. As professionals working for you at Peoples Gas, safety will remain our number one priority.


The program will make it easier for customers to install today's high-efficiency appliances without the extra cost of pressure boosters. By moving the Peoples Gas system from operating on low pressure to medium pressure, reliability will increase for both current appliances and newer high efficiency equipment.

Upgrade projects

Construction sites are highlighted on the map below. To search for a location on the map, either enter the address in the upper right hand corner or scroll over the map and use your mouse to navigate. Be sure to include your address, city and state in your search below.

  • Preconstruction
  • Construction
  • Restoration
  • Complete

For additional project information, single-click on the highlighted project areas on the map.

Keeping you informed is key to your satisfaction and our success, contact us at 888-258-2885 for additional information.

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