Fast, free and easy, e‑Bill is also a greener way to pay your Peoples Gas bill.

e‑Bill paperless billing and payment eliminates your paper bill altogether — along with the wastewater, greenhouse gas emissions, landfill, gasoline and tree-cutting involved in producing, mailing and transporting it.

Once a month, Peoples Gas will send you an email reminder to view your bill electronically. You can pay on the day of your choice or schedule advance and recurring payments. You'll also have easy access to your bill payment history and paid e‑Bills.

Save time, postage and check costs, while doing something good for the environment.

Enroll in e-Bill Already enrolled? View and pay e-Bills

Things you should know

  • After enrollment, you will no longer receive a paper bill.
  • You'll receive your first e‑Bill on the next scheduled billing date, usually within 30 days of enrollment.
  • You don't need to wait until you receive your first e‑Bill to make a payment. You can schedule a payment on the day you sign up.
  • For additional information, please review our Frequently asked questions.

If you're enrolled in Peoples Gas' Automatic Payment Plan

  • You'll have the option to transfer to e‑Bill's automatic payment option during your enrollment. You'll then be removed from the Peoples Gas Automatic Payment Plan.

Payment posting information

  • Your e-Bill payment will be withdrawn on the date you specify and will be applied to your Peoples Gas account the next business day. Due to processing times, our e-Bill application does not allow for the scheduling of same-day payments. If you want your bill to be paid on your due date, you will need to schedule it up to two business days in advance.

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