Please call us immediately if you think you may have a natural gas leak or emergency. We will send a technician to investigate the source of the smell at no cost to you.

  • Report A Gas Emergency Gas Emergencies - Get out of the building immediately.

Natural gas leaks

Natural gas has a distinct, pungent odor so it is easy to detect. Leaking gas can cause an explosion and fire.

If you smell natural gas:

  • Get everyone out of the house immediately.
  • DO NOT use the telephone, a flashlight or any electrical switches.
  • GO to a neighbor's house and call Peoples Gas immediately at 866-556-6002.

If there is a fire:

  • Get everyone out of the house immediately.
  • Go to a neighbor's house and call 911
  • If the fire is small, an adult can try to extinguish it using an all-purpose fire extinguisher. Never put water on an electrical fire. If you can't quickly extinguish the fire, get out and call 911. Do not try to extinguish a large fire.

When you call 911, remember to give your name and address, and speak clearly. Tell the operator what's wrong. Stay on the phone. The operator will tell you what to do.

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